Fast & Furious: Knockouts
No feeling-out processes, no gameplans and no wasted time. Check out some of the fastest knockouts – and most furious exchanges – in the history of the UFC.
13 Videos Apr. 30, 2014
1 Duane Ludwig vs. Jonathan Goulet UFN 3
Former K-1 World Max champion Duane “Bang” Ludwig wanted to re-impress fight fans who may have forgotten his last UFC appearance, a win over Genki Sudo two years prior, by scrapping with French Canadian striker Jonathan Goulet who won his debut by TKO.
Jan. 16, 2006
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2 Chan Sung Jung vs. Mark Hominick UFC 140
Whether battling it out on the feet or the mat, Mark Hominick and Chan Sung Jung are always looking to end fights as soon as possible. This fight will be no exception for these featherweight action heroes.
Dec. 10, 2011
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3 Ryan Jimmo vs. Anthony Perosh UFC 149
Anthony Perosh prepares to welcome his opponent to the UFC as he takes on Ryan Jimmo at light heavyweight.
Jul. 21, 2012
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4 Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague UFC 102
Todd Duffee makes his UFC debut against the imposing submission skills of Canadian fighter Tim Hague.
Aug. 29, 2009
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5 James Irvin vs. Houston Alexander UFN 13
In his pre fight interview James Irvin mentioned that he didn't work that hard on his conditioning because the odds of this fight going all three rounds was slim. He didn't know how right he was, as this match up didn't make it out of the first round and tied a UFC® record in the process.
Apr. 2, 2008
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6 Don Frye vs. Thomas Ramirez UFC 8
From watching on the sidelines to fighting in the cage, “The Predator” Don Frye was a decorated collegiate wrestler under and training partner for Dan Severn, but, at UFC 8, he was simply a debuting fighter taking on another rookie in Thomas Ramirez.
Feb. 16, 1996
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7 Gray Maynard vs. Joe Veres UFN 11
After an odd and, ultimately, disappointing debut, former 3x NCAA Division I All-American wrestler and TUF 5 alum Gray “The Bully” Maynard entered the UFC cage for the 2nd time looking for his 1st win against debuting 4-1 MMA Lab product Joe Veres.
Sep. 19, 2007
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8 Mark Weir vs. Eugene Jackson UFC 38
Making his UFC debut, English taekwondo blackbelt Mark “The Wizard” Weir was enjoying an 8 fight win streak heading into his promotion entrance against the hard-hitting Octagon veteran Eugene “The Wolf” Jackson.
Jul. 13, 2002
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9 BJ Penn vs. Caol Uno UFC 34
When top lightweight contenders BJ Penn and Caol Uno squared off for the first time at UFC 34, with Penn avoiding an orthodox attack from Uno to deliver one of the most emphatic stoppages you will ever see in an MMA fight.
Nov. 2, 2001
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10 Johny Hendricks vs. Jon Fitch UFC 141
When former NCAA standouts Jon Fitch and Johny Hendricks meet, it’s not just as two of the division’s top wrestlers, it’s an opportunity for Hendricks to join the elite level and for Fitch to keep his place in line for the welterweight crown.
Dec. 30, 2011
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11 Rob Emerson vs. Manny Gamburyan UFC 87
Two veterans of season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter® finally met inside The Octagon™ for a showdown.
Aug. 9, 2008
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12 Anthony Johnson vs. Chad Reiner UFN 10
When Anthony Johnson made his Octagon™ debut it took him only 13 seconds for people to see the talent and power he possessed.
Jun. 12, 2007
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13 Gary Goodridge vs. Paul Herrera UFC 8
Newly minted 4th degree blackbelt in Kuk Sool Won, Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge faced off with fellow UFC first timer in wrestler Paul Herrera. The ending of the quick scrap made a lasting impression on fight fans forever.
Feb. 16, 1996
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