UFC Hall of Fame: Pat Miletich
Pat Miletich is a genuine MMA original, dominating the embryonic US MMA scene in the mid 1990s before getting called up to compete in the four-man, one night UFC 16 welterweight tournament in March 1998. Miletich won that and returned at UFC 17.5 to annex the inaugural UFC welterweight championship, too. Four successful defenses followed, until mounting injuries got the better of him in May 2001. In addition to his own career, he has trained dozens of elite fighters including UFC champions Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver, Tim Sylvia and Robbie Lawler. He retired with a 29-7-2 record and as one of only five men to ever hold both a UFC tournament and a UFC world title.
9 Videos Jul. 4, 2014
1 Hall of Fame Induction: Pat Miletich
Watch the induction ceremony of Pat Miletich into the UFC Hall of Fame.
Jul. 6, 2014
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2 Pat Miletich vs. Shonie Carter UFC 32
Returning to the Octagon for the first time since losing the UFC welterweight strap, “The Croatian Sensation” Pat Miletich starting his trek back to the top by taking on always entertaining Shonie Carter coming off an unforgettable spinning back fist KO.
Jun. 29, 2001
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3 Pat Miletich vs. Kenichi Yamamoto UFC 29
In the co-main event, UFC lightweight champion Pat Miletich aimed to stay undefeated inside the Octagon by making his 4th successful title defense against the winner of UFC 23’s all Japanese tournament Kenichi Yamamoto.
Dec. 16, 2000
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4 Pat Miletich vs. John Alessio UFC 26
Aiming for his third successful title defense and to remain undefeated inside the Octagon, UFC lightweight champion Pat “The Croatian Sensation” Miletich to face a young submission ace in John “The Natural” Alessio making his promotion debut.
Jun. 9, 2000
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5 Pat Miletich vs. Andre Pederneiras UFC 21
In the Iowa evening’s main event, local favorite and UFC lightweight champion “The Croatian Sensation” Pat Miletich aimed to remain undefeated in the Octagon against an incredibly dangerous/decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt Andre Pederneiras.
Jul. 16, 1999
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6 Pat Miletich vs. Jorge Patino UFC 18
Defending his UFC lightweight championship belt for the first time, “The Croatian Sensation” Pat Miletich was undefeated inside the Octagon and ready to take on the Brazilian challenger Jorge Patino, a celebrated Vale Tudo fighter and BJJ blackbelt.
Jan. 8, 1999
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7 Pat Miletich vs. Mikey Burnett Ultimate Brazil
To crown the first UFC lightweight (later renamed welterweight) champion, “The Croatian Sensation” Pat Miletich with his impeccable 20-1-2 record entered the Octagon against the 4-1, Lion’s Den product Mikey Burnett.
Oct. 16, 1998
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8 Pat Miletich vs. Chris Brennan UFC 16
To crown the first UFC tournament winner catering to fighters under 170 pounds, “The Croatian Sensation” Pat Miletich coming off a gritty and difficult semifinals win faced experienced alternate Chris Brennan who had tangled with Miletich twice before.
Mar. 13, 1998
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9 Pat Miletich vs. Townsend Saunders UFC 16
In the second lightweight tournament semifinals bout, two overly qualified UFC newcomers were set to battle as “The Croatian Sensation” Pat Miletich and his then stellar 17-1-1 record took on 1996 US Olympic silver medalist wrestler Townsend Saunders.
Mar. 13, 1998
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