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Ultimate Bad Boyz
The Octagon rolled into the “Big Easy” for an exciting night of fights headlined by a battle of big time heavyweights. At UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz, former UFC Superfight champion Dan “The Beast” Severn tangled with striking savant Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo.
September 22, 2000 144
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1 Pedro Rizzo vs. Mark Coleman UFC 18
After riveting fight fans in his Octagon debut in his native Brazil, heavy-handed Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo put his undefeated young career on the line against the always formidable, former UFC heavyweight champ Mark “The Hammer” Coleman.
Jan. 8, 1999
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2 Pedro Rizzo vs. Tank Abbott Ultimate Brazil
In a Octagon classic for the ages, two concrete chucking heavyweights squared off to the absolute roars of those in attendance as UFC veteran David “Tank” Abbott met his heavy-handed Brazilian counterpart in the debuting Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo.
Oct. 16, 1998
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3 Pedro Rizzo vs. Ricco Rodriguez UFC 45
In what would be these great heavyweights final Octagon appearances, former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez looked to rebound from losing the title by taking on Brazilian striker Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo who just scored his 9th career KO/TKO.
Nov. 21, 2003
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4 Pedro Rizzo vs. Tra Telligman UFC 43
Losing 4 of his last 5 Octagon appearances, Brazilian knockout artist Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo was standing on the precipice of his UFC exit if he couldn’t beat a returning Tra Telligman in a rematch with the Lion’s Den heavyweight.
Jun. 6, 2003
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5 Pedro Rizzo vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka UFC 23
In the co-main event, undefeated UFC heavyweight star Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo aimed his heavy hands and, even, heavier leg kicks at fan-favorite Japanese MMA fighter and professional wrestler Tsuyoshi “TK” Kosaka.
Nov. 19, 1999
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6 Pedro Rizzo vs. Tra Telligman UFC 20
Following his win over the former UFC heavyweight champion, the undefeated Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo with his unstoppable punching power entered the Octagon to go toe-to-toe with Lion’s Den stalwart Tra Telligman with his solid 6-1-1 pro record.
May. 7, 1999
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7 Pedro Rizzo vs. Josh Barnett UFC 30
UFC 30's fight of the night was waged between heavyweights Josh Barnett and Pedro Rizzo, and included of some of the best striking attacks seen in a heavyweight match. The two combatants slugged it out on even terms until one combatant fell.
Feb. 23, 2001
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8 Dan Severn vs. Ken Shamrock UFC 9
In a rematch of the first UFC Superfight Championship bout, “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock looked to defend his belt for the 3rd time against Dan “The Beast” Severn who wanted the title and some revenge.
May. 17, 1996
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9 Dan Severn vs. Oleg Taktarov UFC 7.5
Ultimate Ultimate 1995’s tournament final was, actually, a rematch of a bout from 8 months earlier, Dan “The Beast” Severn tangled with Oleg “The Russian Bear” Taktarov as both had their sights set on being named UFC tournament champ for the 2nd time.
Dec. 16, 1995
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10 Dan Severn vs. Tank Abbott UFC 7.5
A real clash of cultures in this semifinals bout, decorated collegiate wrestler Dan “The Beast” Severn took to the cage to meet barroom brawler David “Tank” Abbott. Obviously, Severn wanted to wrestle and Abbott wanted to punch Severn in the mustache.
Dec. 16, 1995
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11 Dan Severn vs. Paul Varelans UFC 7.5
Coming off a disappointing loss to be crowned the first UFC Champion, wrestling threat Dan “The Beast” Severn entered the latest tournament with a Herculean task ahead of him with the 6’8” trapfighting Paul Varelans who was a UFC 7 tournament finalist.
Dec. 16, 1995
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12 Dan Severn vs. Marcus Bossett UFC 4
After an impressive debut victory in the quarters, Dan “The Beast” Severn was set to clash with Steve Jennum, but he withdrew due to exhaustion. Instead, Severn met Marcus Bossett, a blackbelt in Shorin Ryu karate, who won by KO in an alternate bout.
Dec. 16, 1994
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