Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC 29: Defense of the Belts
UFC 29: Defense of the Belts from December 16, 2000. Marking it’s 4th and last appearance until over a decade later, the Octagon traveled to Japan to host UFC 29: Defense of the Belts with UFC lightweight champ Pat Miletich and UFC light-heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz putting their belts up for grabs.
UFC 28: High Stakes
UFC 28: High Stakes from November 17, 2000. A landmark moment in Octagon history! UFC 28: High Stakes was the first event held under the “Unified Rules of MMA” and first show in New Jersey. Filled with future stars and headlined by UFC heavyweight championship Kevin Randleman vs. Randy Couture.
UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz
UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz from September 22, 2000. The Octagon rolled into the “Big Easy” for an exciting night of fights headlined by a battle of big time heavyweights. At UFC 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz, former UFC Superfight champion Dan “The Beast” Severn tangled with striking savant Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo.
UFC 26: Ultimate Field of Dreams
UFC 26: Ultimate Field of Dreams from June 9, 2000. UFC 26: Ultimate Field of Dreams was held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and featured Jens Pulver vs. Joao Roque, Matt Hughes vs. Marcelo Aguiar, Amaury Bitetti vs. Alex Andrade, Tyrone Roberts vs. David Dodd, Pat Miletich vs. John Alessio, and Kevin Randleman vs. Pedro Rizzo.
UFC 25: Ultimate Japan 3
UFC 25: Ultimate Japan 3 from April 14, 2000. The Octagon invades the “Land of the Rising Sun” for it’s 3rd time - UFC 25: Ultimate Japan 3! In the main event, Tito Ortiz battled Wanderlei Silva to be crowned the first UFC light-heavyweight champion. Also, the debut of future champ Murilo Bustamante.
UFC 24: First Defense
UFC 24: First Defense from March 10, 2000. The ill-fated UFC 24: First Defense was to be headlined by UFC heavyweight champ Kevin Randleman’s “first (title) defense”, but a mishap backstage nixed that. Instead, the Octagon held a solid card of young fighters like future champ Dave Menne’s debut.
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