Stories you’ve never heard before, as told by the fighters who lived them.
Fightography Collection: Oleg Taktarov
Coming to the UFC as a Sambo and Judo practitioner, Oleg Takarov would quickly make his presence felt and go on to win the UFC 6 tournament. While he would go on to a successful acting career, Taktarov attributes much of his acting success to what he learned in the UFC.
Fightography Collection: Ian Freeman
The first British UFC fighter, Ian Freeman is remembered for his epic victory over the seemingly unbeatable Frank Mir at UFC 38. But, here, “The Machine” finally reveals the unbelievable heartbreak that struck the very same night as his greatest triumph.
Fightography Collection: Miesha Tate
Five years before she shocked the world to become UFC champion, Miesha Tate overcame equally enormous odds – and a torn ACL – to win her first world title. Tate details her incredible journey from high school wrestler to Strikeforce MMA champion.
Fightography Collection: BJ Penn
With typical honesty and candor, BJ Penn reflects on his UFC Hall of Fame career, how his bitter rivalry with Matt Hughes morphed into an enduring friendship and his true standing in the list of all-time greats.
Fightography Collection: Don Frye
A brilliantly charismatic – and controversial – character, Don Frye was also undoubtedly one of the very best fighters of the Pioneer Era. Here, in his own words, the UFC Hall of Famer describes this astonishing UFC run.
Fightography Collection: Daniel Cormier
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