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Dana White: Lookin for a Fight Season 2
Dana White: Lookin' for a Fight returns with Season 2. Watch Episode 1 now!
Where Are They Now? Season 3
The UFC FIGHT PASS Original Series Where Are They Now? returns for a third season, which focuses on British-based MMA veterans.
TWENTY/20 Classics
TWENTY/20 Classics is the definitive way to re-live the greatest
fights in UFC history. Packed with insider information, behind the
scenes intel, fascinating historical facts and surprising stats,
each episode offers a completely new perspective on these
legendary battles.
Fightography: The Tournaments
FIGHT PASS’s flagship Original Series – Fightography –returns
with a three-part series focusing on three legendary MMA
tournament winners. These are the stories you’ve never heard
before, as told by the fighters who lived them.
The definitive way to re-live a great fight, the UFC FIGHT PASS Original Series FIGHT PASS TWENTY/20 is packed with insider information provided by the fighters and their camps, behind the scenes drama that could not be shared before, fascinating historical facts and surprising fight statistics.
Where Are They Now? Season 2
They were once MMA pioneers, contenders and champions – but where are they now? Find out as the UFC FIGHT PASS Original Series Where Are They Now? returns with a second season.
Where Are They Now? Season 1
They were some of the most memorable personalities in the history of The Ultimate Fighter reality TV series. But what has been their reality since leaving the show? Find out with the new FIGHT PASS Original Series Where Are They Now?
Pioneers of MMA
The fastest growing sport in the world was built on a bedrock of legendary warriors. Featuring brand new interviews and unprecedented access to archival material, this UFC FIGHT PASS Original Series is the definitive retrospective of the fighters who pioneered mixed martial arts.
UFC Lab takes us inside the science and statistics which underpin success inside the UFC Octagon. Host Kyra Gracie puts MMA under the microscope with the help of leading sport scientists and a state-of-the-art facility. From reaction times to respiration recover to reflexes, UFC fighters are put to the test in this FIGHT PASS Exclusive Series. Portuguese language with English subtitles.
Dana White: Lookin' for a Fight
UFC President Dana White travels around the country with his friends, sampling the best in local food, fun and fights as he scouts up-and-coming MMA talent.
The 3rd Degree with Kyra Gracie
Every culture has a tradition of martial arts. In the FIGHT PASS Original Series Kyra Gracie – third degree BJJ black belt and member of the legendary Gracie clan – travels the world seeking out the roots the world’s ancient fighting styles.
Ultimate Knockouts
The UFC’s Ultimate Knockouts series brings you the greatest knockouts in the history of the sport, delivered by the fighters who end fights on their own terms, with a single strike. They leave no doubt… by way of knockout!
Ultimate Submissions
Some of the world's best submission artists showcase their skills.
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