UFC Fight Flashback
UFC Fight Flashback is an enhanced replay of the biggest fights, featuring never-before-seen footage from state-of-the-art, specialty cameras, and exclusive new sound captured from all corners. Beginning with their arrivals at the arena, inside the locker rooms, into the Octagon, through the epic fight, and the aftermath, experience the incredible sights and sounds of a UFC main event from the perspective of the people who lived it. Watch the UFC’s greatest fights again, like you’ve never seen them before.
Garbrandt vs Dillashaw/Jedrzejczyk vs Namajunas Jul 17, 2018 (21:58)
UFC Fight Flashback Holloway vs Aldo 2 Aug 7, 2018 (21:58)
UFC Fight Flashback Cruz vs Garbrandt Aug 7, 2017 (21:58)
UFC Fight Flashback Diaz vs McGregor 2 Nov 6, 2016 (21:58)
UFC Fight Flashback Woodley vs Thompson 1 Feb 27, 2017 (21:50)
UFC Fight Flashback McGregor vs Diaz 1 Sep 9, 2016 (21:41)
UFC Fight Flashback Jones vs Cormier 1 Apr 14, 2016 (21:24)
UFC Fight Flashback McGregor vs Mendes Nov 30, 2015 (20:49)
UFC Fight Flashback Cormier vs Johnson Sep 21, 2015 (21:19)
UFC Fight Flashback Jones vs Gustafsson Nov 13, 2014 (21:29)
UFC Fight Flashback Johnson vs Benavidez Nov 13, 2014 (21:36)
UFC Fight Flashback Silva vs Weidman Mar 21, 2016 (21:18)
UFC Fight Flashback Rousey vs Tate Nov 13, 2014 (21:28)
UFC Fight Flashback Barao vs Dillashaw Nov 13, 2014 (21:29)
UFC Fight Flashback Velasquez vs Dos Santos Oct 29, 2014 (21:20)
UFC Fight Flashback Hendricks vs Lawler Dec 31, 2014 (21:31)
UFC Fight Flashback Weidman vs Machida Jun 4, 2015 (21:29)
UFC Fight Flashback St-Pierre vs Hendricks Jun 29, 2015 (21:28)
UFC Fight Flashback Aldo vs Mendes 2 Aug 5, 2015 (21:25)
UFC Fight Flashback Poirier vs Gaethje Feb 20, 2019 (23:51)
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