Pioneer Wing: Don Frye
One of the progenitors of the modern mixed martial artist, Don
Frye brought pro boxing, Div-I wrestling and black belt judo skills
to the UFC. “The Predator” is a two-time UFC tournament
champion who fought who’s who of his era while engaging in
some the most thrilling fights of all time.
Hall of Fame Induction: Don Frye Jul 9, 2016 (35:01)
Don Frye vs. Yoshihiro Takayama PRIDE 21: Demolition Jun 23, 2002 (18:01)
Don Frye vs. Tank Abbott UFC 11.5 Dec 7, 1996 (12:21)
Don Frye vs. Mark Hall UFC 11.5 Dec 7, 1996 (6:21)
Don Frye vs. Gary Goodridge UFC 11.5 Dec 7, 1996 (17:42)
Don Frye vs Brian Johnston UFC 10 Jul 12, 1996 (9:34)
Don Frye vs Mark Hall UFC 10 Jul 12, 1996 (18:56)
Don Frye vs Amaury Bitettie UFC 9 May 17, 1996 (21:26)
Don Frye vs Sam Adkins UFC 8 Feb 16, 1996 (7:11)
Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock PRIDE 19: Bad Blood Feb 24, 2002 (23:18)
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